1. IFIO: Courage and Compassion in Couple Therapy
by Toni Herbine-Blank with co-authors Donna M. Kerpelman and Martha Sweezy

Intimacy from the Inside Out© (IFIO), the application of IFS to couple therapy, offers a comprehensive conceptual map for couples therapists, including case illustrations wrapped around clear instruction.
Available at: Amazon.com or SelfLeadership.org


2. Internal Family Systems Therapy: New Dimensions
Edited by Martha Sweezy and Ellen L. Ziskind, Routledge, NY 2013

The book contains a seminal chapter by Richard Schwartz on the therapeutic relationship as well as chapters by several of CSL’s lead trainers, including Toni Herbine-Blank on couple therapy (Chapter 4).
Available at: Amazon.com or SelfLeadership.org


3. IFIO Couple Therapy: Video Demo

by Toni Herbine-Blank

This video is an illustration of the importance of unblending protectors in couples therapy. The work is an example of a dynamic that speaks to a basic human dilemma; I want love and connection yet I am terrified of love and connection. Toni works skillfully helping each partner become aware of "parts" who in their attempt to protect the individual, get in the way of allowing this couple to have the relationship they desire.
Available for streaming at SelfLeadership.org