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"Several years ago, my sister Kate Feldman (LCSW) and I created Accessing Presence©...

...A retreat for therapists and other health professionals to deepen their work with clients, prevent burnout, and improve clinical work. Accessing Presence© is an experiential retreat born out of out of the principles of equine therapy programs, as well as our many years of clinical work, and as trainers and workshop presenters." Toni Herbine-Blank

Accessing Presence©

Imagine three sun-drenched days, a small group of professionals, and a herd of horses.

Equine Retreats will resume when it is safe to travel. No dates have been set at this time.

Click here for more details.  If you're interested in attending a future equine retreat, please fill out the following form: Equine-assisted retreat interest form

You will spend your days outside under ponderosa pines, in the fresh air, close to nature. Perhaps you will access a place deep inside you have always known is there, but have forgotten. The purpose of the retreat is to support helping professionals increase their capacity to be fully present with their clients. In partnership with horses, other participants and with yourself you will be guided to bring awareness of moment-to-moment contact and find out what get gets in the way of staying fully present.

This is NOT a riding experience. Relationship with the horses is done through sensing: touch, movement, breath, listening and seeing with eyes and heart.