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Toni is a Master Therapist and IFS Couples Therapy Pioneer Books, IFIO teaching videos, demonstration videos, MP3 downloads and more...

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Intimacy From the Inside Out© is a psychotherapy method using a systemic approach to heal, improve, and provide relationship help. The IFIO method combines deep intrapsychic work along with interpersonal exploration. It's a powerful relationship therapy model with applications for work with couples and individuals.

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IFIO retreats offer relationship help for couples or individuals designed to promote the exploration of relationships with yourself and others...more >


Basic and Advanced IFIO trainings are experiential clinical trainings that draw primarily from Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) ...more >


Using lecture, experience, and video demonstration, IFIO workshops are designed to offer relationship help couples and individuals heal and change their relationships...more >


Books, IFIO teaching videos, demonstration videos, MP3 downloads and more…...visit >

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